We’re delighted to announce you that our aged sake brand, “Inicie”, has won the gold medal of Kura Master 2022 for 2003 vintage!


Result of Kura Master 2022: https://kuramaster.com/ja/concours/comite-2022/laureats/


“Inicie” brand was launched as the test marketing project subsided by Japan Tax Agency in 2021, in collaboration with Mr. David Biraud, MOF, one of the internationally recognized prestigious sommeliers in France.


This brand was realized in the partnership with Shimazaki Shuzo, from Tochigi prefecture in Japan. This brewery is especially famous for aged sake brand series, “Uroko”. Shimazaki Shuzo had also won for their, Uroko Yamahai Junmai Genshu, a platinum medal and is also on the top 16 sakes of Kura Master 2020.


*Attention: “Inicie” brand has not been available elsewhere in the world at this moment.